My 21 Things For 2021

I always make new year’s resolutions and for the most part, I’m always good about keeping one or two. However, after reading Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Four Tendencies” and realizing I’m an obliger, I understand why I might not see them all through until the end. Furthermore, taking a page from Rachel Hollis’ book, I know that I need to start small if I want to grow positive habits in my life.  These years, in…

Styling the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

My mom got remarried on New Year’s Eve in a very relaxed, joyful ceremony. We had 15 members of our family together to celebrate and as I was driving to the hotel with my mom in the afternoon, she asked if I would put together her bridal bouquet. It’s surprisingly easy to build a beautiful bridal bouquet with nothing but grocery store flowers! If you’re a bride on a budget or simply looking to make…

Cookbooks I’m Loving Lately

Without fail, I always get one or two cookbooks for Christmas so I have compiled quite the stack. These have been particularly helpful this year, considering we’ve been cooking at home so frequently (see: everyday.) I really enjoying cooking but most of the time, I’m winging things and hoping they come out. That being said, having a great recipe to follow makes for a nice change of pace. Below I’ll be sharing some of my…

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