Planning a Wedding? Here’s Where to Start

One of my best girlfriends got engaged and as we were excitedly chatting on the phone, I got to thinking: what advice can I give regarding wedding planning? We only started our wedding planning process back in January and I was definitely overwhelmed and scattered. Most days I still feel that way. A few things, however, helped me get into a rhythm and I know now that it certainly would have helped to take steps…

Peterborough, NH

Ryan and I had a free weekend and decided we wanted to venture out and explore a part of New Hampshire we hadn’t before. We’ve been talking a lot lately about seeing more of the small towns around us and enjoying what our beautiful state has to offer. Our trip to Peterborough provided a lovely small town experience and an adventure into the great outdoors. We took Cody on his first hike in 85 degree…

Planning Our Wedding – Part 4

Confession- I’m create this post to keep myself organized. Will probably use it as an active “to do” list and add things here and there. Being a “type A” kind of person, this part of wedding planning is the hardest. It’s all the little things that need to get done at this point and it’s hard for me to do it bit by bit. August still seems like a lifetime away. I keep saying, it’s…

Born in Rhode Island and at home in New Hampshire, Caitlin shares New England life, travel, and style.

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White Outfits for the Bride-To-Be

Every bride-to-be needs a closet full of white to prepare for all the pre-wedding celebrations that take place before the wedding itself. From bridal showers to bachelorette parties to rehearsal dinners, there’s a host of events requiring proper bridal attire. When my bridesmaids shared my bachelorette location, I got thinking on what I might wear and scouring my closet for what I already had. Surprisingly, for someone who teaches children, I own a fair amount…

Wedding Dresses I Love (But Didn’t Buy)

A week after we officially started wedding planning, I found my dream dress. I had seen it online and once I tried it on in person, I knew it was the one. It was perfect. It checked all the boxes. I didn’t realize how many different things needed to be considered when picking a wedding dress. Sure, there are styles and fabrics you might like more than others, but if those don’t match your theme…

Wedding Preparations