My Everyday Shower Routine // Hair and Skin Care

Okay, so maybe this is more like an every-other-day shower routine. I’ve been trying to wash my hair less frequently because when I used to wash it everyday, it would be super greasy if I ever missed a shower. Since I’ve changed up my routine, it has gotten better.

My hair is naturally fine and straight in texture and more often than not needs a serious dose of moisture when I finally get around to cleaning it. Similarly, with the changing season, I’ve been working on giving my skin a little extra care.

Recently I’ve been loving Aveeno’s products: their Nourish+Volumize Shampoo and Conditioner, Nourish+Condition Leave-In Treatment, Skin Relief Body Wash, and Skin Relief Body Moisturizing Lotion. I appreciate the brand’s attention to using natural ingredients and find that the products work really well for my hair and skin. They’re also super reasonably priced- found at most drugstores. I’ll definitely be using Aveeno’s line for months to come.

STEP ONE// Water Temperature 

The first step in my shower routine is to stay conscious of water temperature. I’m a girl who loves a scalding hot shower, but my skin and hair do not. A lukewarm temperature is so much better, and I’ve been making an effort to remember that.

STEP TWO// Shampoo

Once I wet my hair, I love lathering up with the Aveeno Nourish+Volumize Shampoo. It smells amazing and feels wonderful. I make sure to massage it into my scalp, saturating my hair from roots to ends, before rinsing thoroughly.

STEP THREE// Condition

Conditioner is one of the most important steps in my shower routine. I spread the Aveeno Nourish+Volumize Conditioner all over, letting it sit and sink in for a minute or so before rinsing.  It leaves my hair light yet moisturized, which is so important. Both of these products, the shampoo and conditioner, have also added much needed volume and shine to my hair.

STEP FOUR// Body Wash 

Until a little while ago, I was using shampoo as body wash, which is terrible for your skin. I can’t tell you the difference that using an actual body wash has made. Furthermore, the Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash makes your skin feel wonderfully moisturized. It hydrates dry skin while leaving it feeling clean and refreshed. I make sure to use this after shampooing and conditioning to remove any residue from my skin, which has always been very sensitive.

STEP FIVE// Leave-In Conditioner

A good portion of my shower routine extends outside the actual shower, while my hair and skin are still damp. I love applying Aveeno’s Leave-In Conditioner since it locks in moisture and leaves my locks soft and healthy. Most days I let my hair air dry and I’ve found that this leave-in conditioner makes it look so much better when I’m not using hot tools. For those of you who who gravitate towards simple hair styling, this product is for you. I also make sure I’m gentle with my damp hair, using a wide toothed comb when detangling the strands. Even though this leave-in conditioner helps smooth knots, I’m careful to start at the ends, combing upwards towards the roots as I go. I’ve noticed this helps a ton with preventing breakage in my hair.

STEP SIX// Body Lotion

Lately I’ve definitely been making more of an effort to remember to moisturize my skin after I shower. The Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion is great because it’s light and quick to soak in. My skin has changed so much, for the better, since I’ve started using it everyday. Making it a part of my routine has made it easier to remember and stay consistent.

Is your shower routine similar to mine? Got any more products I should try? Let me know how you’re changing up your routines as we move into the fall.




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