5 Casual Pieces Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

I’m someone who loves dressing up. When I used to live in a suite with seven other girls, they would roll out of bed in the morning, clad in their sweatpants, and walk out to me eating oatmeal in cute dresses and heels. Let’s just say, they found it quite entertaining.

Now, I will not deny that there are plenty of days I’m just not feeling the task of putting together a chic, fashionable outfit. I am, however, making a conscious effort to dress appropriately when heading out of my dorm. Even though sweatpants and leggings are incredibly comfortable, they’re really not accepted in most ‘adult’ social situations. I’ve only got one more year of wearing pajamas to the dining hall for dinner- I think I need to start adjusting.

One thing I’ve learned is that looking put together doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress up. There are a few casual pieces I rely on when I need to appear well dressed, yet want to be comfortable. Furthermore, what’s really great is that these staples can be integrated into any wardrobe.

ONE// A Basic Tee 

I’ve been curating a stock of decent quality, basic tees in an array of neutral colors. When you select a thick, cotton fabric in a flattering fit, a casual tee becomes an amazingly useful piece. They can be dressed up or down, layered, and remain incredibly comfortable whatever way they’re styled.

TWO// A Good Pair of Jeans 

My dad always used to make fun of my ripped jeans, and I would laugh it off. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely drifted away from the ‘distressed’ look myself. A chic, dark wash, pair of jeans will compliment an array of outfits, looking chic yet feeling comfortable and allowing lots of movement. Whether you prefer a skinny jean, straight, or flare, there’s plenty to select from to fit whatever your personal style is.

THREE// A Fitted Blazer 

Throwing on a simple, fitted blazer instantly upgrades any outfit. They’re easy to wear and give off a business vibe, no matter how basic the rest of your outfit might be. This piece is also great if you’re in college and the temperature of your classes ranges (like mine always does). Often lightweight, this extra layer can be a lifesaver, easily carried around.

FOUR// A Pair of White Sneakers

I don’t know what it is, but there is something so chic about white sneakers. In my opinion, they look much less casual then any other color, and can really tie an outfit together. Furthermore, they’re incredibly forgiving and kind to your feet. And then, if your day suddenly requires a bit of walking, you’re all set.

FIVE// A Chunky Necklace

Necklaces (preferably chunky) are great for adding an extra element to an outfit. I usually look for basic silver pieces with interesting details, since these will compliment most pieces in my wardrobe. It’s so easy to throw on jewelry before heading out, and it makes a casual outfit that more interesting.

What are your go-to casual pieces? Do they match any of mine? Let me know if this post helps you in your day-to-day outfit selection! 


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