5 Necessities for a Night Out

We’re coming up on the time of year where it feels like there’s an event every weekend. It isn’t even truly the holiday season yet and I’m finding that my calendar is booked solid. That being said, getting ready for a night out can be a hassle, especially if you’re like me. Most nights, I’m a real homebody. I have a tried and true routine so that I’m presentable for work, but otherwise, I prefer to do less than nothing. I swear, for most of the winter, I live in my bathrobe. However, I have discovered a few things that save me, whenever I’m trying to psych myself up to head out to the bar and meet my friends. If you find you’re dragging your feet out the door, maybe these can do the same for you.

ONE// A Signature Scent 

My mom has a sensitivity to perfume, so she never wore it when I was growing up. My grandmother, however, has always had an affinity for Chanel No. 5. She believes perfume is a splurge, and for my graduation, she gifted me Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I have been wearing it for nearly every event since. I love that it’s light and sweet but lasts the day, and I now have a couple really wonderful memories associated with its scent. When I’m getting ready for a night out and need an extra confidence boost, a little spritz goes a long way.

TWO// A String of Pearls 

Pearls are classic and timeless; truly the best way to dress up any outfit. Now, I’m not one to wear pearls out to the bar (kudos to you, if you are) but I do believe that they are a perfect touch when you’re going out somewhere slightly fancier than normal. I mean, have you seen The Crown? Or any pictures of Jackie O? Powerful women across history have worn pearls and I’m pleased to follow in the tradition.

THREE// A Really Good Lipstick 

I’m not one to go crazy with makeup. Most days, outside of work, I don’t wear it at all. However, I have found recently that there is power in a really good lipstick. I picked up these two shades from Sephora (for only $7 each!) and swap between the two regularly. I love how daring a darker lip feels and how a light pink can pull everything together. You get a lot out of a little addition to your look, all with minimal effort, which for me, is best case scenario.

FOUR// A Favorite Pair of Heels

Let’s be real, we’ve all teetered around in mile high stilettos at one time or another. My semi-formal heels in eighth grade could have killed somebody. But, I digress, as I get older, my feet hurt. There’s nothing like your favorite pair of heels- comfortable, fitted, and sturdy.  If you haven’t found that pair, I highly recommend spending a little extra and investing. Look for a thicker heel and more sole support. Then, do a little walk, run, and dance test. If they hold up, you’re golden.

FIVE// A Set of Silky Delicates 

There’s something so luxurious about a matching set of delicates in a light, girly color and a soft, silky fabric. I think most people would agree, but I feel like I can run the world when my underwear matches my bra. It’s like a pretty little secret- and it carries a big boost of confidence with it. I recently purchased a couple of sets from Lively and I was so pleased with their products. Not only are they reasonably priced (comparatively) but they also have great company morals with a focus on- surprise, women! When women feel good, we do good.

So tell me, did I miss anything? What is your go-to for a night out? And if any of mine stuck out, let me know. Wishing you ease and good vibes for the next time your friend texts “hey, you coming out?” 

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