My Favorite Skin Saving Secret

For the last month, I’ve been sitting on a new skin saving secret that I finally feel ready to share with confidence. I feel like skincare is tough because it’s so different for everyone. Everyone struggles with their own skin problems- too oily, too dry, breakouts, wrinkles, etc. I’ve tried product after product looking for something that consistently works for me. Now that I’ve found it, I’m hoping it might work for you. I can honestly say that in the past month, my skin has never looked or felt better and it’s all due to a little green bottle.

Weleda Skin Food is the #1 item on my bathroom shelf at the moment and boy oh boy does my skin love it. I have dry skin and this moisturizer is incredibly nourishing without feeling heavy. Plus, with a price tag of just over $10, it’s a steal! You only need a bit, warmed between your fingers, and you can generously cover your whole face. It does leave your skin a bit dewy, so putting makeup over it isn’t my favorite thing, but I personally love how it makes my skin look without makeup!

At the change of the season (currently experiencing this in RI) my skin typically freaks out. However, this moisturizer seems to remedy all the typical skin problems I deal with. I will note that I have been taking Keratin and Turmeric supplements additionally, but I feel like their effect is harder to measure. Either way, I know Weleda Skin Food will be a staple in my beauty routine for years to come.

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