My Favorite Workout Clothes and Gear

Until last year I was never really that person who worked out. I played on the occasional team (recreationally) and spent a bit of time in the gym, but I never really loved any of the activities I was doing (except for ultimate frisbee- I loved playing ultimate frisbee.)

Nowadays, in my free time you’ll find me at the yoga studio, hiking up a mountain, running downtown, rock climbing, catching the occasional frisbee pickup session- anything to get my body moving. I love the feeling afterwards, the endorphin rush. If you didn’t catch my post about MEND yoga and my favorite classes ever, definitely give that a read here.

I wanted to write a post about my favorite workout clothes and gear because I find it to be true that what you wear and the things you use during a workout really do make a difference. There are certain workout sets I am constantly returning to for specific activities and certain items I cannot live without. Below I’ve categorized them to give you an overview.

Weekend Uniform: Athleta Sweatshirt, Alo Leggings, Asics Sneakers

High Intensity – Booty By Brabants Croco Skin

I love this workout set for high intensity workouts. I live in these during any afternoon where I’m taking a SCULPT or HIIT class. The material is comfortable but sturdy and the leggings never fall down. I also find the cut to be very flattering and while they are one-size-fits-all, they fit me like a glove.

Low Intensity – Athleta Powervita

Let’s talk about how buttery soft Athleta’s Powervita line is. The fabric feels amazing against your skin and the stretch is exactly what you need during a low intensity workout like yoga or cycling. I love the cut of the high neckline and the red set I have is so vibrant, it gives me an energy burst just slipping it on.

High Heat – Outdoor Voices TechSweat

I hadn’t heard much about Outdoor Voices until recently and to be honest, I don’t own one of their sets. However, I’ve heard amazing things about their TechSweat fabric, especially if you’re constantly taking classes with high heat! All the yoga instructors at my studio swear by their sets and I have one or two on my wish list, for sure.

Cold Weather – 32 Degree Base Layers

If you’re embarking on a cold weather adventure, be it hiking or skiing or snowshoeing, a good base layer set is a necessity. I love this lightweight set by 32 Degree because it fits comfortably under almost any clothing and really does keep you warm. I was surprised, especially considering that it feels (and looks) really thin. However, the material is soft and comfortable and traps heat. I have a few pairs that I’m constantly grabbing during the winter months.

Yoga – Manduka Mat, Mat Towel, Hand Towel

I recently invested in a proper yoga mat (prior I had a few from Amazon, which were decent, but not great) and a mat towel from Manduka. I also picked up a couple hand towels in the same material. Holy moly was that a game changer. I love the lightweight mat I got because I never slip. The towels simply add more stability and are really effective in soaking up sweat.

Running – ASICS Sneakers, Muscle Roller

I’ve been running less lately simply because I’ve been working out more frequently at the yoga studio and there are only so many days you can workout before you need a rest. I did, however, just get a new pair of ASICS sneakers which I am loving. They have great support and structure which is critical if you’re clocking high mileage. Also, I couldn’t live without my muscle rollers. I have a plastic one and a foam one that I need to use, almost daily, or it feels like my legs are going to fall off. Supportive sneakers and muscle care? Yes, please!

Hiking – Merrell Boots, Eddie Bauer Day Pack

I can’t wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so that hiking trips are more reasonable. It’s hard to be so far away from the best spots (see: NH 4000-footers) but when we get out there, I’m euphoric. Hiking is a hobby I came around to recently and it is honestly one of my favorite pass-times. That being said, I couldn’t do it without my trusty Merrell (GoreTex, MUST be GoreTex) boots. I also love my Eddie Bauer Day Pack. It’s easy to grab and super lightweight- perfect for a short day trip somewhere. They may cost a little more, but the price point is definitely worth the amount of use these items get!

Your turn to share- what are your favorite workouts? What are your can’t-live-without workout items? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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