Caitlin’s Cocktails: Classic Margarita

Ba badaba da da da… TEQUILA.

I’ve been finding it really hard to distinguish “working from home” days with “weekend from home” days but little celebrations seem to help my brain flip that switch. Cue: Saturday night margaritas.

This recipe was my aunts, shared with my grandma, shared with me. It reminds me of summer afternoons in Texas in my grandma’s kitchen and it pairs perfectly with chips and salsa.

Margaritas are probably my favorite cocktail and while I like sweet, I like tequila more. A classic margarita should have distinct flavors, lime and orange in particular, and when those flavors are fresh and natural I believe this drink is more satisfying. So, grab yourself a glass and a shaker and start dancing!

Classic Margarita

In a cocktail shaker, combine lots of ice, juice from one lemon, juice from half an orange, a squirt of agave, and 100 ml of Tequila. Shake well (and do a little dance) before pouring into a glass (salt or sugar rim, if you fancy) and garnishing with a slice of orange.

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