May Favorites

May has been a wacky month, to say the least, but overall I’m loving the weather and looking forward to things getting a little bit closer to normal. There have, however, been a few things I’ve been relying to bring me joy during this odd season of life. I’m sharing them below, in case you need something new in your life!


We create so much food waste! Ryan and I have developed a great process: we fill two recycled yogurt containers on the counter and then I dump them into a Home Depot bin on the porch, which eventually get dumped into our larger compost bin! It feels so good to know that our food waste is going somewhere good and that one day it’ll be soil we can use! Now I just have to practice turning it a little more…

Madewell Mom Jeans

I’m a sale shopper and I recently got these jeans, on super sale, for under $20! WOW do I love them. They look great and they’re super high waisted with a relaxed, comfortable fit. The ultimate jean to throw on for a lazy day at home.

Supernatural with Ashely Flowers

I am always waiting for it to be Wednesday because that is the day that Ashley Flowers’ podcast Supernatural comes out. I’m addicted, y’all. The stories are so interesting. You get a little murder, a little mystery, a little alien, a little conspiracy, a little demon, and a little ghost. IT’S AN UNEXPLAINED DREAM. Podcasts are my favorite thing to listen to while laying out in the sun so this is my once a week treat.


I recently found Rebecca Atwood on Instagram (@rebecca_atwood) and watched a few of her IGTV videos on painting. Then I bought all the supplies I needed and got going. I’m not very good (art does NOT come naturally to me) but boy is it relaxing and therapeutic.

Gardening Tools

We have garden beds! We have soil! We have seedlings (just starting to sprout) and I am full time gardening Caitlin, most days. I cannot wait to get growing this year and I am relying on so many different garden tools to make that happen. Listing a few of my favorites here: shovel, rake, gloves, hex kit, and spray bottle.

Person of Interest

I am so incredibly invested in this show. The characters, the plot, the comic relief, the feels… I. Just. Can’t. What a perfect show to discover during quarantine. Ryan and I pretty much watch an episode a night and I look forward to it so much! The best way to end my day.

Trail Running

With warmer weather (and closed down yoga studios) I’ve taken to the trails. I forgot how nice it is to run on flatter, wooded surfaces! I do need some trail running shoes (if you have any recommendations, leave them below!) but we have a set of trails that are super accessible from our house. I’ve been trying to get a couple runs in a week. It gets me out, gets me moving, and gets those endorphins flowing.

Your turn! What has brought you joy this month? What are your May favorites?

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