My Weekday Morning Routine

Since school started up again, I’ve tried to be really consistent with my morning routine. I’ve realized that when I get home at 4 pm exhausted from a day of talking with and chasing around eight year olds, I have little energy left. That means, I really have to take advantage of my mornings. It’s definitely a work in progress, getting used to this new schedule, but so far I’m really liking how my day occurs afterwards!

5:00 – Wakeup

5 am feels so early but I’m really trying to force myself to stay awake when Ryan gets up. I’ve found that it helps to turn on a light and I always give myself a ten minute time frame to fully wake up. Then, it’s up and at it.

5:15 – Workout

I’ve been using Mend’s Patreon to kick my butt into shape every morning. I try really hard to listen to how my body is feeling that day, so sometimes it’s Sculpt and sometimes it’s Chill Vinyasa. Either way, it feels good to move and sweat first thing.

6:00 – Shower and Get Ready

6:15 – Prep for the Day

I’ve been meal prepping my lunches on Sunday but I whip up my favorite green smoothie fresh every morning to take in to school with me. I combine 1 frozen banana with 1 cup spinach and 1 cup oat milk. Then I sprinkle a spoonful of flax on the top and blend.

6:25 – Coffee and Catch-up

I love my morning cup of coffee and I love having a few relaxing minutes to enjoy it. Whether I’m journaling, scrolling Instagram, or texting back friends and family I give myself a little time to breathe before moving on.

6:40 – Dry Hair

6:50 – Leave for School

My commute is really short but I always try to pick one song I know is really going to brighten my mood and set me in the right direction for the day.

7:00 – Arrive at School

This early arrival time allows me to make copies before the copy machines have a line and to set up my day before people start popping in my door. I also have an hour and fifteen to drink my smoothie which I tend to need (I’m so bad at finishing it all!) Then it’s off to the races.

Interested in my routine when I get to school? Let me know below! How does your morning routine look now that we’ve officially hit fall?

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