New England Style: Barn Coats, Cable Knits, and Bean Boots

When I’m not wearing outdoor work clothes (which is a lot) this is my New England fall uniform. I wish this was an L.L. Bean add considering their products make up half my closet, but alas..

I bought this barn coat for the colder weather of a New Hampshire fall. It has been perfect for recess duty (can you say pockets!) and it is the perfect, medium weight transitional coat. It’s a heavy duty material which means it’s a bit more durable and I love the flannel lining. The style is so classic, it goes with just about any outfit I’m wearing and it’s very New England esq.

I’ve had this cable knit pullover for years now, but my Bean Boots are new! I recently replaced my six year old pair that were literally falling apart and I’m so glad I did. I utilized the L.L. Bean outlet near us and splurged for a flannel lined pair where the tongue is detached. Personally, I didn’t like how my old pair was one piece- I could never easily get my foot in! These do the trick and they are the perfect fall boot for rainy or chilly days.

I’m not kidding when I say, I’ve worn this outfit a few too many times these past few months. However, it’s the perfect go to. I hope you’ll agree.

Shop a barn coat similar to mine. (True to size. I could have gotten a small, however, I wanted the roomier medium)

Shop a cable knit sweater similar to mine. (True to size. I wear a small)

Shop my Bean Boots. (Size down. I’m an 8 1/2 and I wear an 8)

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