Styling the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

My mom got remarried on New Year’s Eve in a very relaxed, joyful ceremony. We had 15 members of our family together to celebrate and as I was driving to the hotel with my mom in the afternoon, she asked if I would put together her bridal bouquet.

It’s surprisingly easy to build a beautiful bridal bouquet with nothing but grocery store flowers! If you’re a bride on a budget or simply looking to make a bouquet for a little less money, this is the post for you! I’ve got a few tips below that will really help you out.

First: select a main, central flower.

When styling a bridal bouquet, consider what is the main, central flower you want. This is quite literally the flower you build the bouquet around. My mom went with white roses which allowed for a traditional bouquet.

Next: select a secondary, supplemental flower (or two.)

My mom selected blue as her secondary color, so we were able to find some smaller, blue blossoms to complement the roses. I would suggest, with supplemental flowers, to select various shapes and textures. Look for bushier stalks as well as unusually structured flowers.

Then: select various shapes of greenery.

Greenery is incredibly important to fill out your bouquet, but unlike in a vase, you want the majority of your greenery to come from the bottom and support the flowers from underneath. A few stalks of greenery (eucalyptus and other small leaves branches) add dimension within the bunch, while large leaves really bring your bouquet together.

We found it useful, once your bouquet has been compiled, to wrap the whole thing in double sided tape. You want your stems to be just a bit longer than the length of the bride’s two fists when placed on top of each other (how she will hold the bouquet.) Then, wrap ribbon over the tape and tuck in the end. It’s that easy!

My mom said I could have a second career as a florist- what do you think? If you found this post useful, leave me a comment below!

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  1. Barbara Eyster wrote:

    Beautiful bouquet, beautiful bride. Love the photo of you two together. XxOo

    Posted 1.3.21 Reply
    • wrote:

      Aww thank you☺️

      Posted 1.3.21 Reply
  2. Ehansson wrote:

    Wow! The bouquet looked professionally done. You both look radiant in your picture together.

    Posted 1.7.21 Reply
    • wrote:

      Thank you Erika!!

      Posted 1.7.21 Reply