Best Free At Home Workouts

If you’re like me, you hate working out at home. I’m an obliger which means I need someone to hold me accountable for habits I create and working out is no different. At home, this is tough. I miss the class experience or having a coach motivating me forward. However,…

Get My Free New Year Templates!

Click here to get my free New Year Templates for 2021 HERE and start building your Life (Wirth) Living But wait- how do I use these templates? 21 Things for 2021 – Create a list of 21 things you want to do, stick with, remember, highlight, or focus on in…

My One Word Vision For 2021

I recently read “One Word That Will Change Your Life,” and was amazed to realize that I utilized this process in 2020. In January, I posted that 2020 was my year of joy. Joy. One word to drive my focus, intention, and action within the year ahead. Now, I’m making…

Staying Warm at Home This Winter

Ryan says my love language is “being warm” and I can’t help but agree. Is there anything better than being bundled up and cozy? Whatever heat source we’ve got in the house, that’s where you’ll find me. We put in a wood stove this past fall and I think I…

Start Today Review

I’ve been a fan of (reading, following, listening to) Rachel Hollis for a long time. However, I only recently bit the bullet and ordered from her Start Today collection. Everything was on major sale around the holidays which was opportune. I wanted to come on and share a totally honest…

52 Books in 52 Weeks Review

One of my goals in 2020 was to read more, so I made it a goal to read one book a week. I was doing really well, until school started in September. Then I found myself playing a bit of catch-up here and there. That being said, I ended the…

Meet Caitlin

Caitlin is a third grade teacher in New Hampshire. She comes from a family of teachers (and a vet!) so naturally, her educational career started in 5th grade science. Since then, her students have gotten a little shorter and a whole lot louder. Caitlin spends her energy helping her students grow positive mindsets and a love of learning

On the Blog

Are you a teacher who’s looking to better your students & improve the climate of your classroom? The resources I’ve created will guide you to do just that. Created with students at the center, adapted by the best of them

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