Bundling Up

Ithaca, New York // Calvin Klein Jacket (similar), Plaid Scarf, LL Bean Sweater, Madewell Jeans, LL Bean Bean Boots

This winter has been a brutal one and we’re barely a month in. I can’t believe the snow and temperatures we’ve seen so far. That being said, bundling up when venturing into the outdoors is a MUST. However, I’m not a girl who loves having tons of bulky layers. Instead, I prefer finding a few comfortable, warm pieces to utilize during the cold months.

Blanket scarves are one of my most lived in accessories during the winter. I think they’re fabulous to wear outdoors. It’s great to wrap them around your neck, nuzzling your chin and nose deep in the fabric when the wind chill hits. And With bright patterns and plaids, you can add a pop of color to any outfit.

Knit sweaters are another cold weather must-have. Mine is a white, reasonably priced knit from LL Bean. My family shops there religiously, and I find their clothing really suits the harsh winters we experience here in New England. I love the bright colors and soft, chunky style.

The coat I’m wearing in this post is older, from Calvin Klein, but has held up for years. I love a good, down jacket, especially when exploring snowy terrain. I also won’t venture out without my Bean Boots, a pair that I’ve found is both durable and warm. Both are my favorite stylish options for your traditional winter outerwear.

How do you bundle up for the cold weather? Do you stack on the layers? Or, are you a homebody when the temperature dips below freezing? 



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